imageHeat Design Equipment (HDE) Infrared Asphalt Heaters, with their unique patented design, ensure continuous and uniform re-heating of asphalt in place. This technology creates a seamless joint on a patch repair and when used to pre-heat, it provides an effective bond between an existing pavement surface and a new asphalt layer. This uniform and continuous heating is necessary to achieve good longitudinal joints and when attempting cold weather paving.

The heaters used on the machines are specially designed and patented to provide maximum efficiency and BTU output while providing a large heating area that meets durability requirements for construction use. A primary difference between  HDE larger infrared heaters are that they operate on Liquid Propane (LP) and are equipped with a vaporizer that turns liquid drawn from the propane tank into vapour. This allows all the propane in the tank to be used without reduction in pressure (and thereby temperature) during operation. The tanks can be completely emptied without frosting in cold weather saving propane costs and tank change time. frontpageir

Most important to the contractor, HDE equipment does not require batteries and blowers for operation, simplifying operation while eliminating costly downtime and repair. 

The HDE heater can be operated at a range of pressures from 15 psi to 50 psi, which enables the heater to be switched to a low pressure (low heat) during short delays in job progression. This means the heaters do not have to be shut down or left on high while raised from the asphalt surface to prevent burning. Switching the pressure from high to low during breaks in work reduces propane usage and allows for a quick resumption of work.

The design and flexibility of Heat Design Equipment’s asphalt heating equipment has a variety of uses in the construction industry. HDE continues to research new and beneficial uses for our heaters. A tour through our website will demonstrate interesting applications of infrared heat in the construction industry.