IPR has been a leader in developing the Infrared Technology for over 14 years. We have a wide varaity of equipment that has allowed us to service the Commercial, Industrial, Municipal and residential markets. IPR main market has been in Ontario but have travelled as far west as Fort McMurray and as far east has Halifax for specialized jobs that required our technology.

The Infrared process works by using propane mixed with air to increase heat. In turn this extreme heat is absorbed by a patented ceramic blanket that when heated emits approximately 18,500 BTU’s per square foot. In less than 10 minutes the blanket will heat the asphalt to 350 degrees 2.5″ deep or the surface course in an area as large as 96 square feet. The infrared heat will not burn the asphalt therefore, the result is asphalt equivalent to fresh plant mix. In most cases Fresh Mix is added from a heated hot box to bring the grade of the patch to the proper height. THe patch is then compacted to form a seamless patch.